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Looking for a variety of high-quality beef cuts? Consider our Beef Shares, in stock and ready to ship!

Option 1 comes with 45 lbs of ground beef, 4 tender filets, 2 buttery flat irons, 3 large sirloins, 5 delicious ribeyes, 4 perfect KC strips, 1 brisket ready for smokin’, 1 flank, 1 delicious rump roast, 1 tender chuck roast, 6 lbs of tenderized minute steaks, 5 lbs of diced stew meat; at approximately 70 lbs of beef, you'll have plenty of options for all your cooking needs.

Not enough? You can also choose Option #2, which offers an additional 2 skirt steaks, 1 Pikes Peak roast, and 1 of our coveted Tri-Tip roasts. Order now and enjoy the deliciousness of high-quality beef!


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