Beef Share Deposits (Quarters, Halves, Wholes)

Early Sring 2025 Beef Share Deposits Open August 1st-August 31st!

We're passionate about raising quality beef and feeding communities. With 10 generations of farming expertise in our DNA, we're continually striving to enhance our herd through advanced genetics, mindful grazing, and regenerative practices. Let us stock your freezer with premium beef!

All South 50 beef are bred specifically for their docility and exceptional tenderness. Our cattle are pasture-raised and finished on a nutritious grain ration (primarily sourced from our farm) for over 100 days.

Fall 2024 beef shares will ship September 2024. 
Spring 2025 shares will ship late January 2025.

Investing in a "side of beef" or a "whole cow" allows you to tailor your cuts to match your culinary preferences and lifestyle during the deposit process. Our family will handle all processing logistics with our preferred USDA-certified butchers. Typically, shares break down to 50% dry-aged ground beef, 20% thick-cut steaks, and 30% savory roasts and cuts.

Purchase Option Yield Deposit Total Space Needed
1/4 Beef ~90lbs $525 $1,575 4 cubic feet
1/2 Beef ~200lbs $1,015 $3,045 8 cubic feet
Whole Beef ~400lbs $1,960 $5,880 16 cubic feet



Purchasing bulk beef directly from a farm can seem daunting. We've provided additional details below about our process and are happy to answer any further questions you might have.


  • The remaining two-thirds of your balance is due in equal payments on June 15th and August 15th, finalizing your total just before we process your beef.
  • The total price includes delivery of live beef to the processor, your custom processing order, vacuum-sealed 1lb packages for optimal freshness, shipping or delivery to your doorstep.
  • Final take-home weight varies with each beef and depends on your cut preferences, which you'll specify during the checkout of your online deposit. (Opting for lean ground beef and boneless ribs and roasts will result in less take-home weight.)
  • Deposits are non-refundable. However, if you choose to cancel, your balance and share can be transferred to someone else who wants it.
  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if your delivery is less than satisfactory.
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