Beef Shares (Quarters, Halves, Wholes)

We’re proud to offer quarters, halves and whole beef to stock your freezers this winter! South 50 beef are grass fed, grain finished and dry aged 21+ days for added flavor and tenderness.

Quarter Beef

Deposit: $300

Total Cost: $800

Take home beef: Avg 70-90lbs

Half Beef

Deposit: $600

Total Cost: $1,500

Take home beef: avg. 130-150bs

Whole Beef:

Deposit: $1,000

Total Cost: $2,800

Take home beef: avg. 300-350lbs

Buying bulk beef straight from a farm can be overwhelming. Below are more details about our process, however, we encourage you to reach out with any additional questions you may have.


  • The flat fee of your share includes beef, delivery of live animal to processor, custom processing order, packaging and delivery of your order to your home (within 30 miles of Harper or Wichita, KS). If you choose to pickup at our shop, we’ll provide a free gift!

  • Our steers and feeder heifers typically “finish” at 1250 live weight/700 hanging weight. If you prefer to know the price per lb hanging weight, our flat fee averages to around $4.00 (whole) and $4.50 (Quarter).

  • Rather than designating a front or hind quarter, your share will be equal parts from all areas of the beef to allow better variety of steaks and roasts.

  • Final take home weight will vary from each beef and depend on your cut preferences, which you’ll share with us during check out of your online deposit. (Lean ground beef and boneless ribs and roasts will result in less take home weight)

  • To get the best value from your share, order a variety of cuts available. If you prefer specific cuts - a bundle might be a better option for you. 
  • The remainder of your total is due via cash or check at delivery. If you would like to make installment payments for your quarter or half beef from the date of your reservation until delivery please contact us for more info.

  • Extra fees for patties, summer sausage, snack sticks or other special requests will be passed on to the customer.

  • Deposits are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your balance can be used to purchase in stock items.